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Evil Genius . Pictures

In the Studio

Left:  Untitled,  24 X 48" Oil on Canvas

Venezia B  24X36" Oil on Portrait Linen

Displayed here to show scale.

I  apologize for not keeping this site up to date as I have been virtually locked in my studio (and workshop) since the middle of May, missing the summer in the process.  Major projects underway and some I wish to keep hidden until exhibition.  Work comes first.

Again I will be 'disappearing' into the studio for at least the next four months.  However, there are some completed works which will start to appear in exhibitions here in Edmonton and in Calgary.  If you need to get a hold of me, try email. If you are a model, email or text directly -you have priority.  If you are robotic, please communicate in English as I do not have the time to read assembler or machine code,

John Whittingham

October 1 2017

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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